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PMIB was established in 1984 depending on the oversight and inspection authority of the Prime Minister on the Ministries as stated in Article 112 of Turkish Constitution.  PMIB Inspectors are assigned upon approval of PM and they carry out their duties on behalf of PM. Since its foundation, PMIB has accomplished a very fundamental executive mission of preventing time waste, accelerating follow-up and effective fulfillment of public services in the area of investigation and inspection.

In the light of international principles and practices, PMIB conducts inspections and investigations, determines general principles for efficient inspection and brings solutions both in national and international level in order to increase transparency and accountability in public sector and to ensure that the state system is effectively executed in accordance with the rule of law.


PMIB’s vision is to be a dynamic and pioneer authority that;

  • situates the understanding of the rule of law, objective and just notion of work in the public sector,

  • brings solutions to eliminate corruption and irregularities  both in national and international arena,

  • steers the inspection system

Başbakanlık Merkez Bina Zemin Kat No:11 Bakanlıklar/ANKARA
Phone : +90 312 422 24 00   Fax : +90 312 422 24 99   Mail : teftis@basbakanlik.gov.tr